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Bulldog Bulletin

Bulldog Bulletin

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Bulldog Bulletin - October 7, 2017
Posted 10/7/2017 at 10:13:04 PM by Keith Millard [staff member]
This week will finish out the building spotlight series with a focus on the elementary school.  It's hard to believe that it's been over a year since we moved in, and yet in many ways it feels like we've been here for a much longer time.
Looking back on 215 Broadway, I am amazed at how much was able to be done with students given the limits on the space that had to be overcome on a daily basis.  The learning spaces at 3 Bulldog Place are fully utilized every day and make such a difference for our students.  In past bulletins we have talked about the classroom spaces and what an improvement they are for learning.  Below are several photos that explore some of the less promoted spaces that benefit student learning each day:
Our students have benefited from the gym and the flexibility it provides for PE class as well as our playgrounds which provide lots of room for the students to run and play. 
The new building contains a number of flexible learning spaces that allows for all kinds of instructional opportunities. 
The fine arts and library spaces also give students plenty of room to read and explore the arts in ways not possible in the old building.
It has been such a successful first year, and we are very thankful for the community support that allowed this building to be constructed and for the benefit it provides to the students.
Finally, I wanted to take the opportunity to once again share our protocols for when we will and will not communicate with families in the event of circumstances that could potentially alter District operations.  As senseless events continue to dominate the headlines, it is important to work on keeping a healthy perspective and remember that these events, while horrible, are statistically small when compared to the entire population of the country.
That being said, there continues to not be a week that goes by where safety planning doesn't take place in the District, and we continue our commitment to work towards providing the safest and most secure learning climate possible.  For students who are experiencing issues in school or have knowledge of situations that could put the safety of themselves or others at risk, we absolutely encourage telling a staff member immediately, or using the Safe School Helpline to make a report.  Below is a reprint from a Bulldog Bulletin in October 2016 with our communication protocols:
In the event that there is a building or campus lockdown, building evacuation due to fire or a credible threat, campus evacuation to an alternative site due to safety reasons, or the cancellation of school due to weather, we WILL use the voice calling feature and the email notification system from One Call Now, the official District and building Twitter accounts, and the District Facebook page.

There will be times however where we WILL NOT use our communication systems to send instant notifications. These include times when students make non-credible or non-actionable threats, instances where investigations occur that do not lead to a lockdown situation, regularly scheduled safety drills, or scenarios where there may be issues near our schools that do not impact building operations or the safety of our students.

The general rule of thumb should be that in the absence of a communication from the District, students are safe, the campuses are secure, and learning is occurring as normal.

Should you have specific questions regarding building safety and security measures, please contact your building principal either by phone or email in order to have your questions addressed.
Thank you again for your support of Batavia.  The first quarter ends on Friday, October 13, and we will be off on Monday, October 16th for fall break.  Students will return on Tuesday, October 17th to begin the second quarter.
The next Bulldog Bulletin will be published on Saturday, October 21st.
All the best,
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