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I would like to thank all the staff, drivers, parents and students for another safe year for transportation.

This year was particularly challenging due the elementary move and bring the 5th grade back to the elementary. Several routing adjustments had to be made to accommodate the changes without adding additional buses. Several buses were double routed to serve those families that live close enough to the new school to return for a second group within minutes.

Another challenge were the road closures in various parts of the district this year that forced routing changes. Again I would like to thank the parents, staff and drivers for their patience as we safely worked through those closures.

Hopefully everyone will have a safe and fun summer. We will be here deep cleaning the buses and getting them ready for state inspections. I will be routing the buses for next year. I don’t expect too many changes. The bell times will remain the same and most bus stops will remain the same. The biggest change will be time changes or those students that have graduated from one building to the next. I hope to have routing information ready the first few days in August.

Thank you and enjoy your summer.


Phone 732-0935
Fax 732-0710

Please remember that Ohio law requires that parents are responsible for their children until they enter the bus. Due to the large number of students that ride Batavia buses, we are unable to make bus stop changes to relieve parents of that responsibility. This means, unfortunately we cannot change bus stops simply to allow the parent to monitor the stop from inside their home.

The state sets minimum requirements for school transportation; our hope is to always to provide better and more convenient service than the state minimum. We must balance that with the need to be efficient and safe for all students, and so we appreciate and value the partnership with our parents.

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