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Third Grade Reading Guarantee Parent Information

Third Grade Reading Guarantee Parent Information

  • All Students are required to take an approved vendor assessment (STAR) by Sept. 30.  Any student who does not meet the benchmark is identified as a student needing a Reading Improvement Monitoring Plan (RIMP). Parents were notified via letter if their child was placed on a RIMP for the 2018-2019 school year.

  • Any student that does not pass the AIR assessment in the fall is also placed on a RIMP and an additional reading intervention is put into place.  Parents will be notified once scores are released via letter/phone.

  • Students in the 3rd grade that are identified on a RIMP attend Corrective Reading or a small group intervention daily.

  • Students must meet the promotion score on the AIR assessment or an alternative (STAR/Terra Nova) in order to meet the requirements of the TGRG

    • Promotion Scores:

      • AIR 677 or 45

      • Terra Nova 613

      • STAR 941

  • Students who do not meet the promotion score on the following assessments will be invited to attend intervention with a summer opportunity to test.

    • Fall:  AIR, STAR Ohio Proficiency

    • Winter:  Terra Nova

    • Spring: AIR, STAR Ohio Proficiency

    • Summer: AIR

Testing Dates:

Terra Nova- end of February/beginning of March

Spring AIR - Reading and Math: March 25-April 26

Spring/Summer STAR- end of May

Summer AIR - July 8-12


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