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April 2021 Building Project Update

April 2018 Track Construction Photos

March 2018 Track Photos

February 2018 Update

At the most recent Board of Education work session the final direction for completing the master facilities plan at Bulldog Place was finalized.  The Board has made the decison as part of the final phase to pursue construction of a new high school and to renovate  the current high school to serve as the new middle school, in addition to other campus improvements that will prepare Bulldog place for a long future of serving the needs of the entire Batavia Community.  The link below will direct you to the presentation from the community meetings:
The next step in the process is to finalize the cost of the project, which should be completed by May 2018.  Once this has been determined, the District will be able to finalize the amount that is required to be approved by the voters in November 2018.  A second round of community meeting opportunities will be made available once the final project cost is determined.
In the meantime, If you have questions, comments, or feedback, please submit them to:

January 2018 Update

Work is scheduled to get underway on the track renovation project beginning the first week of March.  This project has been made possible by the careful management of remaining construction dollars from our elementary project, and joins the tennis courts, baseball and softball plaza, and high school parking lot renovations on the list of projects made possible by the careful fiscal management of the entire elementary project.
When this project is completed in June of 2018 it will be another outdoor recreation area along with the new tennis courts that is available for the entire community to enjoy! In additon, the high school will return as a host site for track meets beginning in the spring of 2019.

November 2017 Building Project Update

Even though we've been in the elementary school for over a year now, there still continues to be a significant amount of work at Bulldog Place that benefits the students and community.  Upgrading the student computer device experience, making significant repairs to the high school parking lot, upgrades to the baseball and softball complex, and brand new tennis courts are all projects that have been completed in the past twelve months.  
The next and last major campus upgrade before we look to a new middle school is a complete renovation of the high school track, with work scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2018. None of these projects would be possible if it weren't for extremely careful fiscal management as we worked through the elementary building project.  In addition to the commitment to strong fiscal stewardship, there also was an element of good fortune that played in our favor through the elementary building project.  Specifically:
  • The State unexpectedly agreed to co-fund the Batavia Road entrance to Bulldog Place.
  • Bids for the project came in under budget due to the project timing relative to the recovery from the Great Recession. 
  • Many items added to the project during construction were also co-funded by the State instead of the District having to pay full cost. 
  • A generous donation by the Nau family paid for a significant portion of the tennis court project.

As a result, the District had funds left over that could be used to make the additional campus improvements that are such a benefit to the entire District.  These projects truely represent a once in a lifetime opportunity to add significant value to Bulldog Place without having to spend any general fund dollars.

Currently, planning is underway with the architecture firm SFA on what a renovation of the high school building would look like along with a new middle school at 2 Bulldog Place (on the land between the elementary and high school).  In addiiton, SFA is looking at recommendations made by the Facilities Committees on renovated athletic spaces that would serve all three buildings.  

Specifics regarding the scope of the high school building renovation, concepts of what a new middle school will look like, and details regarding the last phases of the athletic campus update will be released in the coming months.  The goal is to return to the ballot in November 2018 to make a completed Bulldog Place a reality, which will give the community a single hub for the many important activities that happen both inside and outside of the school day.

October 2017 Campus Photos

July 2016 Update

June 2016 Update

April 2016 Update_V3

April 2016 Update_V2

April 2016 Update

March 2016 Update

Public Notice Elementary Bid Package #4

Public Notice Elementary Bid Package #4

January 2016 Update

November 2015 Update

October 2015 Update

September Aerial Photographs

September 2015 Update

August 21 Aerial View

August 2015 Building Photos

Aerial Construction Site Photos - May 1, 2015

Construction Update - April 24, 2015

Now that the snow has stopped falling and spring is in the air, construction has started on the new Elementary School!!  Workers are currently constructing the gym walls.  If you happen to drive by to check the progress you will notice one wall has a large rectangular hole in it.  This will allow students and visitors to look into the gym from a 2nd floor hallway.  Stay tuned to for updates as work ramps up on the New Batavia Elementary!


Advertisement to Bid - Bid Package #3

Construction Update - November 10, 2014

 Work on the early site package for the new Elementary School is nearing completion.  Workers have graded the site, moved utilities, installed aggregate piers, and added access roads and parking lots.  The early site package should be completed in the next several weeks.  In the coming weeks bids for construction materials will be solicited and then materials will be ordered.  Work will then begin on the construction the building sometime in the Spring.



Advertisement to Bid - Bid Package #2

Advertisement to Bid - Bid Package #2 - Addendum #1 - OFCC - Bid Package 2 - Addendum 1.pdf

October 7, 2014 - Construction site photos

Elementary School Construction Update

September 16, 2014
At the September 15th regular Board of Education Meeting the Board approved a contract with Peterson Contractors, Inc for the installation of aggregate piers at site of the new Elementary School.  The company will remove soft loose soil and replace it with columns of dense heavy rocks.  These piers will help create a stable base on which the new Elementary School can be built.  Work on the piers is expected to start within the next 30 days and take approximately 5-7 days to complete.  During the installation of the piers workers may work during daylight hours on Saturday's and Sunday's.  A picture of what the process will look like is below.

August 28, 2014
The site preparation for the new Elementary School is progressing nicely.  The workers have completed approximately 50% of the work which includes moving utilities and grading the construction site.  Aerial photographs taken on August 25th are below.  The photographs show how much progress has been made over the summer. 

August 8, 2014
Workers have been busy all summer preparing the site for the construction of the new Elementary School.  They have moved utilities, added a new entrance, and cleared the area where the new building will be built.

Construction Photos - August 28, 2014

Construction Photos - August 8, 2014

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