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Bulldog Bulletin

Bulldog Bulletin
Bulldog Bulletin - April 5, 2020
Posted 4/5/2020 at 11:59:58 AM by Keith Millard [staff member]

I hope everyone is hanging in there and adapting to this new temporary rhythm of life.  The entire staff misses seeing the students and families each day. Remember to keep taking it a day at a’s more manageable that way.


As the Governor has now officially extended the school closure and stay at home order through May 1st, the link below will take you to a new District remote learning webpage, which contains links to each building plan and other useful items.

Remote Learning Page

The new stay at home order means all District facilities, including buildings and all athletic fields are closed to students and the public through May 1st.

Beginning April 6th, breakfast and lunch grab and go service will be available at 5 neighborhood locations as well as at Batavia Elementary School every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Meals are free for any child ages 18 or below. The link below has more details.

Food Service Delivery Locations and Schedule

For those who have internet connection needs, two extended wifi hotspots have been set up at Bulldog Place.  The link below will give you more information.

Bulldog Place Wifi Hotspots

For our open enrolled families, the open enrollment application period opens on Monday, April 6th.  More information is at the link below.

Open Enrollment Instructions

Regarding graduation and prom, the high school is currently working on a set of backup dates in June and a second set of backup dates in July should social distancing rules be extended past May 1st.

As far as coming back to school, our remote learning plans are focused on getting us through the next four weeks, and once the Governor announces plans past May 1st additional guidance will be released on how the school year will be concluded.

Keep taking care of yourself and each other.


Bulldog Bulletin - March 29, 2020
Posted 3/29/2020 at 10:24:52 PM by Keith Millard [staff member]

Good evening and welcome back from ‘spring break'!


Below are important updates for this week:


Food Service

Breakfast and lunch grab and go meals will be available again this week (March 30 - April 3) at Batavia Elementary School and Batavia Middle School from 9:30am to 11:00am.  There may be changes to meal sites in the future, but not prior to April 6th.


Family Support

Families in need of food or with other family support needs can send an email to [email protected].  A team has been established to respond to all support requests (Note: Academic questions should be sent to individual teachers or building principals).



The middle school football field, high school baseball field, high school softball field, elementary school playgrounds, and the old Batavia Elementary playground at 215 Broadway are closed for all users.


The high school track and stadium field along with the high school tennis courts are open for individual, informal, non-team, non-organized physical activity, and all social distancing directives from the Governor's office and the Ohio Department of Health must be followed in order for these facilities to remain open.


Academic Plan - March 30 to April 3

Elementary activity boards 3 and 4 will be posted on Monday, March 30th on the Batavia Elementary Website.  Families in need of paper copies of assignments may pick them up between 9:30am and 11:00am each day at the elementary school.


Batavia Middle School students will be receiving an email from their grade level teacher teams with assignments for the week of March 30th.  Families in need of paper copies of assignments may pick them up between 9:30am and 11:00am each day at the middle school.


Batavia High School student assignments will be posted to Google Classroom for the week of March 30th.  Students in need of printed assignments should email either Mr. Derickson or Mr. Stevens.


Academic Plan - April 6 to ???

As of this writing a decision has still not been made by the Governor's office as to when schools will be allowed to re-open.  However, given the extension of the federal government social distancing policies through April 30th, we are planning for remote learning experiences that will be extending for at least the next several weeks.


This week our teachers will be working in grade and department level teams on new remote learning activities that will begin the week of April 6th.  We realize the heavy demands that are on all families during this crisis, and our goal for all grade levels is to find a good balance that includes expectations for daily learning along with a recognition that the academic load can not be the same as it is when students are present at school each day.


More information regarding remote learning beginning the week of April 6th will be made available by Friday, April 3rd.


Open Enrollment

The enrollment application for current open enrolled families will be available on the Central Enrollment webpage on Friday, April 3rd.  Applications will be accepted electronically beginning Monday, April 6th. More details will be posted when the application goes live on April 3rd.


State/AP Testing

Last week the legislature passed a bill that suspended state testing for this spring.  For our high school students enrolled in AP courses, your teachers and counselors will be in touch with you regarding plans for both AP exam review and remote AP exam administration.



While no decision has been made yet regarding prom, senior awards, and graduation, we are watching events unfold daily and are working on various contingency plans depending on how long Ohio's stay at home order and the associated school closure lasts.  This is certainly not how anyone envisioned senior year going for the Class of 2020, and we will figure out a way to celebrate our seniors and their fortitude during this time should originally scheduled dates be pushed back.


Part of the legislative package that was passed last week included graduation flexibility for the Class of 2020.  Over the next two weeks the high school administrative and counselor team will be working with members of the Class of 2020 on specifics regarding the completion of spring coursework and other requirements necessary prior to graduation.


COVID-19 Information


State of Ohio Information


Federal Information


While it is hard not seeing everyone at school each day, we are looking forward to getting back to our remote learning schedule and seeing everyone virtually!


All the best,



Bulldog Bulletin - March 20, 2020
Posted 3/20/2020 at 4:07:21 PM by Keith Millard [staff member]

As our first full week of operating in ‘remote learning’ status draws to a close, a few updates:


  • Between now and April 1st, teachers will be reaching out by phone to all families to check in with you and your child.  If your family has a specific food or other family support need, please communicate this need to [email protected]

  • Our second week of remote learning from March 30 - April 3rd will run the same as it did during this past week.  At the time of this writing, no decision has been made by the Governor’s office regarding when school will reopen, and staff are currently planning for what instruction will look like should we be out past April 3rd.

  • For our Seniors in the Class of 2020, we know this is a very stressful time, and more information regarding senior scholarships, prom, and graduation will be made available once a clearer direction on how long school will be closed is provided by the Governor’s office.


I know I speak for the entire staff in saying that we miss seeing the students and we know how hard it has been for everyone to have the regular rhythms of school life completely upended.  The good news is that this will not last, and we are fortunate to live in a day and age where we have technology tools that allow us to stay connected. Keep leaning on one another for support and we’ll all get through this by taking it one day at a time.


All the best,



Bulldog Bulletin - March 13, 2020
Posted 3/13/2020 at 7:07:43 PM by Keith Millard [staff member]

Before jumping into the update, I just want to take a moment to recognize all of the members of the Batavia staff for their efforts over the past 48 hours.  Taking an operation that is designed to serve kids that arrive each day and flipping the switch to a service model where the kids you serve suddenly aren’t there is a big undertaking.  The teamwork and mission focus displayed was a testament to the care and concern the staff has for the students and community on a daily basis. It was a proud superintendent moment to see it all in action!

Below are the most recent information updates from categories shared in Thursday’s communication:

Academic Activities

Today, teachers in each building developed lessons that students will complete at home during the week of March 16th and the week of March 30th.  Each building principal has sent an email with specific details, and all assignments for the week of March 16th will be communicated electronically by Monday.

Building/Student Activities

All student activities, including athletic practices and contests, are cancelled through April 5th.  The Ohio High School Athletic Association has banned all team activities during this time. The buildings will be closed to all outside events and group.

Food Service

As a district we will have two Grab N’ Go Stations open for breakfast and lunch purchases at Batavia Elementary and Batavia Middle School from 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM each day during the weeks of March 16th and March 30th.  Normal cafeteria procedures will be in place (a student who is eligible for free meals will receive meals for free, a student who is eligible for reduced price meals will pay the reduced price, and full pay students will be charged the regular price).

One of the most upsetting things to us as educators regarding the closure has been the disruption of daily food service operations, and we have worked to quickly find a solution that will be helpful to families.

Please contact your building principal with questions or to alert regarding special circumstances with families who may need help accessing meals.

Just as a reminder, the latest information from the Ohio Department of Health can be found here and the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control can be found here.

Please take care of yourself and look out for one another as we all walk this road together.


Bulldog Bulletin - March 12, 2020
Posted 3/12/2020 at 10:33:43 PM by Keith Millard [staff member]

It has certainly been a whirlwind 48 hours.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through a vast amount of information as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve.

The District will be closed beginning tomorrow (3/13/2020) and will remain closed through Sunday (4/5/2020), which marks the end of Governor Dewine’s school closing order.  While we anticipate reopening beginning Monday (4/6/2020), this could change depending on the status of the COVID-19 situation at that point and further orders from the governor.

Tomorrow, staff will be reporting and will be working on lessons to be completed at home both next week (March 16 - March 20), as well as the week of March 30 - April 3 (which is the week after our scheduled spring break week).

More information regarding at home assignments will be sent by the end of the day on Friday (3/13/2020).

Below are several other important items as we prepare for these next three weeks:

Student Books/Instruments/Medicines

These can be picked up at school tomorrow (Friday 3/13/2020) during normal building operating hours.  Any unavoidable conflicts that would prevent picking items up on Friday can be handled on a case by case basis by emailing the building principal.


All activities that are hosted at district buildings are cancelled during this three week period.  We are awaiting final guidance from the OHSAA and SBAAC on spring sport athletic practices/events and will communicate tomorrow (3/13/2020).

Food Service

We plan to run a modified form of breakfast and lunch service during this closure, and are awaiting final guidance from the Ohio Department of Education before making final plans.  An update will be communicated tomorrow (3/13/2020).

Election Day

Batavia High School and Batavia Middle School are both designated as election day sites on Tuesday, March 17th, and will be open for primary voting as scheduled.

While necessary, closing school for this length of time is very difficult for everyone involved, and as a district we will work to be a source of support during these uncertain times.  Keep hanging in there, and remember to follow the CDC’s guidance on reducing the spread of COVID-17.

Additional updates will be coming out tomorrow.


Bulldog Bulletin - March 10, 2020
Posted 3/10/2020 at 10:19:07 PM by Keith Millard [staff member]

Just a quick update about where we are as a District relative to the COVID-19 outbreak.

First, we continue to monitor daily updates from the Centers for Disease Control, the Ohio Department of Health, and the Clermont County Health Department.

Currently (as of March 10th), there are only 3 confirmed cases in Ohio (all in the Cleveland area), and the risk for localized contagion is still considered low.


Second, we continue to focus on wiping down common areas (e.g. door handles, railings, sinks, etc.), and we are using disinfectant spray on our bus seats each day.

We also continue to reinforce frequent handwashing and refraining from touching of eyes/nose/mouth with unwashed hands.


Finally, we are working on contingency plans for continuing education activities at home should schools be required to close for an extended period in order to help control the spread of COVID-19.

This is a very unique situation with realities that change daily.  We will continue to provide updates as the situation evolves.

Hang in there, and remember to keep washing your hands and stay home if you are feeling sick.


Bulldog Bulletin - February 27, 2020
Posted 2/27/2020 at 9:11:22 AM by Keith Millard [staff member]

It has certainly been a different kind of winter this year, with the best chance of seeing the color white occuring when you glance up at the sky versus looking at the ground!  The good news is spring is right around the corner and hopefully the return of sunshine on a more consistent basis. In this edition of the Bulldog Bulletin I will be touching on the topics of EdChoice, HOPE Squads, and work around the design of our new buildings.



Over the past few months a big issue I have been focused on for the District has been the EdChoice voucher expansion issue.  The simple version of the story is that a new law was passed last year in Ohio that dramatically altered rules by which public schools could be classified as ‘underperforming', and this categorization would allow for public tax dollars to be used to pay for private school vouchers.  Batavia, along with 70% of the school districts in the State of Ohio, would feel the impact this change. Needless to say, as public school advocates and supporters of our schools, the Board of Education and I have stood opposed to this change and the negative impact it would have on all public school districts in the State.


Due to the advocacy of many voices that support strong public schools, there is currently legislation before the Ohio General Assembly to roll back the EdChoice expansion and to move away from the flawed performance based measures that created the current situation all public schools in Ohio find themselves facing.  If you encounter articles or stories about the EdChoice issue in the local media, the policy solutions that support public education and our District are the conversion of the State's school voucher program to an income based system paid for by the State and not local districts, along with a revamping of the state accountability system to focus on measuring what truly matters for students.


For those who like digging deep into these types of issues, the four links below will take you to advocacy pieces that have been delivered to members of the General Assembly on behalf of the District and in support of public education over the past several months.


EdChoice Expansion Opposition Board Resolution

EdChoice Expansion Opposition Letter 1

EdChoice Expansion Opposition Letter 2

EdChoice Expansion Opposition House Bill 9 Testimony


If you have specific questions regarding EdChoice or would like to have a longer conversation about this issue, please feel free to reach out to me via email.



HOPE Squad

An exciting initiative that will be new for the coming school year is the implementation of ‘HOPE Squads" at the middle and high school.  HOPE Squad is a peer to peer suicide prevention program that at its heart is all about providing connection and belongingness between peers and enhancing school culture as a community of support for students.  We are excited to be partnering with the Grant Us Hope foundation and the work they are doing to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health conversations. HOPE Squads are currently in place in a number of schools throughout Southwest Ohio, and we are excited to bring this program to Batavia and to see the impact positive impact this can have on our students.  Below are two videos that give an inside look at how HOPE Squads operates from both a middle and high school perspective, along with the Grant Us Hope website that contains more information about the program.


Madeira High School HOPE Squad


West Clermont Middle School HOPE Squad


Grant Us Hope Website


Building Design

Finally, we are about seven months away from the beginning phases of construction on the buildings at Bulldog Place.  Since the first of the year groups of teachers have been involved in a planning process to inform what is known as schematic design, which details how the interior spaces of the buildings will be arranged.  The two goals of this process have been to maximize space going to classrooms in anticipation of the continued enrollment growth of the District, along with designing flexible spaces that allow for a variety of educational delivery options that are customizable to student needs.  Below is a picture of a portion of the first floor of the high school that is representative of what this work looks like to date.



There will be a lot more to share in the next few months as this phase of the design process wraps up, and we begin to shift the conversation to how we will navigate Bulldog Place over the next few years as construction will be in full swing.


All the best,




P.S. This link will take you to the latest information from the Ohio Department of Health on Coronavirus (COVID-19). At this point we continue to monitor developments and are focused on disinfecting high traffic areas in the buildings. Currently the risk is considered low in the United States, and we encourage everyone to focus on everyday practices for reducing sickness, as the common cold, flu, and strep throat are much more likely illnesses at this time of year.



Bulldog Bulletin - November 11, 2019
Posted 11/11/2019 at 3:11:45 PM by Keith Millard [staff member]

I hope this edition of the Bulldog Bulletin finds you well.


First things first, apparently it’s time to start talking about winter weather.


In general, the goal is always to make a decision about a delay or closing by 5:45am, and in the case of a delay, the goal is always to have that be the final decision.  However, the weather, as we all know in Southwest Ohio, is a fickle friend, and in the rare scenario that we are on a delay and it has to change to being closed, that decision is made no later than 7:30am.


As far as communication, social media is always updated first, followed by the phone system, and then the school website.  The news is notified via a weather hotline, but there is usually a lag between notifications and T.V. postings, especially when Districts are calling all at once, so social media is your best bet to get the information right away.


On the social media front, we realized recently that while we thought we were posting to Facebook during all of the 2018-2019 school year, it turns out the method we were using to post via smartphone quit working at some point, and, well, we didn’t know.  The good news is we do now, and we are back to posting on the District page…(search Batavia Local Schools to find it). The page is way overdue for a spring cleaning...we’ll be working on that soon.


While we were busy fixing our Facebook connection, we also finally created a District Instagram account (bataviaschools).  While we still love our Twitter accounts, we’ll be diversifying the content we put on the sites, and will be doing more academic features on the Facebook/Instagram side, while the Twitter side will continue to be the more day to day happenings of the District.  However, we’ll be publishing upcoming dates to all of the platforms, so you don’t miss anything regardless of the social channel you use most often.


On the building project, I’m excited to announce that Elevar has been chosen as the architect that will be designing the new buildings, and we held a kickoff meeting last week to officially begin the design process.  The very first step will be to host a series of visioning exercises to talk about the future of education and gather input on how the building spaces should be designed in order to best meet the needs of students, teachers, and the community.  At the end of this process a vision document will be produced that will inform the design process for the buildings.


Part of the visioning process will include a community wide session that will be held at Batavia High School from 5:15 - 6:45 on Wednesday, December 4th.  I hope you will be able to attend and lend your voice and insights to this important step in the building project.


All the best,



Bulldog Bulletin - October 1, 2019
Posted 10/1/2019 at 8:44:22 AM by Keith Millard [staff member]

With the current heat wave we are experiencing you'd never know that we have turned the page and are now in October!  It's always hard to believe how fast the school year goes as we are only two weeks away from the end of the first quarter. Across the District it has been a great start to the school year, and it's been exciting to see our students involved in so many different positive educational and extracurricular activities on a daily basis.

On the construction front, this week we are working on the process of selecting an architect for the school building portion of the project, and hope to be able to make a formal announcement about the firm we will be partnering with before Thanksgiving.  Once an architect is in place, we will be able to finalize the timeline for when construction is anticipated to begin and we will share those details as soon as they are available.

With the current athletic complex renovation, we are anticipating opening the visitor's concession stand, restrooms, and pressbox for the home football game on October 11th against New Richmond.  Work on the softball field and the new maintenance/athletic barn is just about complete, and we anticipate that the baseball portion of the complex will be completed by the first part of November. Already our facilities are generating significant interest from throughout Southwest Ohio, as we potentially will be hosting several regional playoff soccer matches during the last half of October.  The construction photo site was also recently updated with a number of new photos, and can be accessed here.

For our middle and high school students, we once again will be partnering with the Coalition for a Drug Free Clermont County in administering the bi-annual Pride survey to students in grades 7-12 on October 9th.  More information about this important survey can be found here.

While it is only October (and hot), the holiday season is right around the corner.  The District has a number of strong partnerships with local community service agencies, and for those families that may be in need during the holiday season, now is the time to connect with local agencies that provide holiday assistance.  The links below will take you to the specific registration sites (again, if you anticipate needing to connect with any of these organizations, the time to do it is will be too late by the middle of November).

Inter Parish Ministry (Christmas)

Christian Help Center (Thanksgiving soon, Christmas TBA)

Salvation Army (Christmas)

Another resource for families that need to connect with support resources in Clermont County is the new Family Support Resources section on the District website.  This site was recently updated with information from the Clermont County Mental Health and Recovery Board.

Finally, the local report card was recently released for all schools in the State of Ohio.  As a District there are parts of the report card where we have continued to make progress, and other areas where we are investing additional resources in order to meet our mission of continuous improvement as we strive to meet the needs of all learners.  The report card can be a pretty complicated thing when you get just under the surface of it, and for those who are interested, I will be hosting two report card sharing and discussion opportunities on Tuesday, October 8th from 6 - 7 in the library at Batavia High School and on Thursday, October 17th from 6 - 7 in the library at Batavia Middle School. 


I hope it has been a good start to the year for you and your family, and I hope to see you out and about in the School District soon.


All the best,


Bulldog Bulletin - August 12, 2019
Posted 8/12/2019 at 10:18:29 PM by Keith Millard [staff member]

Welcome back to school for the 2019-2020 school year!  The coming year promises to be one filled with excitement as we open our renovated athletic facilities, begin the planning process for our new school buildings, and continue the work of enhancing our academic programs to ensure high quality learning opportunities for every Batavia student.

In spite of all the rain we had in the early summer, the main stadium field and concession stand are tentatively scheduled to be finished by August 23rd, the visitors concession stand and press box by the end of September, and the remainder of the fields by the end of November.  We are on schedule to hold our stadium field dedication ceremony during our home football opener against Williamsburg on August 30th.

For the school building portion of the project, we received final official approval from the State planning agency in July along with State fiscal approval just last week, which means we are now at the stage where we are beginning the process of selecting an architect to design the buildings.  We expect to have an architect selected by the end of October, and once this happens there will be community input opportunities as the design process unfolds.

As we head into the new school year, a new tool we now have available is a mobile app for our school safety hotline.  Click here to view a flyer that has instructions on how to download the app for your mobile device.  This flyer also contains information on the other ways in which the school safety hotline can be accessed in the event that safety information needs to be shared with a school. Also, the District is required to provide annual notice on a number of policies, including Positive Behavior Supports, Student Records, Harrassment/Bullying, Title I Programs, and Student Discipline. Please click here to view the complete list of annual notices electronically. If you would like to request paper copies, please send an email to [email protected], and in the subject line please put 'annual notice paper copy request'.

For those families whose students ride the bus to school, the first few days of school always bring transportation delays, especially on the way home from school.  Generally the busses start to run mostly on time after the first week of school, but until then please be patient and know that we work to eliminate delays as quickly as possible into the new school year.

Finally, for parents who may have extra time now that school is back in session, an excellent way to earn additional income while also helping the school district is to become a substitute bus driver.  Paid training is offered and it is a schedule that works perfectly for families with school aged children. For more information, please contact Shawn Young at [email protected].

I am very excited for the coming school year, and can't wait to see everyone back to school on Wednesday, August 14th!

All the best,


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