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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to arrange for my student to be picked up at a babysitter. How do I do that? 
You need to fill out a variance form. 
Why do I have to take my student to the end of the block if the bus goes right past my house? 
With the amount of stops the buses make and the amount of time we have, it is necessary for buses to make centralized collective stops that accomodate larger groups.  In many of our neighborhoods, those stops are on street corners, and the bus will have to pass some houses to arrive there.  The students will change from year to year, but those stops remain consistent; they are the best place to collect a large group of students.  As the district continues to add neighborhood housing, more and more neighborhood stops are being transitioned to universal street corner locations. 
My student rides a Batavia bus to a private school.  Will there be busing on days that Batavia is off?  
-For vactation days (like Winter and Spring Breaks): If a Batavia bus picks you up, you will have transportation while your school is still in.  
-For Snow days and other calamity days: No transportation can be provided if Batavia classes are cancelled. 
My Student goes to Live Oaks. Will there be busing on days where Batavia is on break?  
The shuttle bus will still transport the Live Oaks students from the high school to Live Oaks.  You will be responsible for getting your student to the high school. 
In the afternoon, the bus will transport all Live Oaks students to their homes. 
My student's parochial/vocational school has early dismissal.  Will the bus come early?   
No.  The buses must stay on regular schedules.
My child is fighting with someone else on the bus.  Can you move them to another seat?   
We will always do what we can to eliminate issues and disturbances on the bus. However,  the driver may not be able to move students in the way that you desire.  There are many students who are seated very specifically to maintain order on the bus, and the driver must decide what the best overall seating arrangement is to keep things peaceful and orderly. 
A child is fighting other students at the bus stop.  Can you punish them?  
The school is only able to handle discipline with students that are on the bus. If problems occur at a bus stop or with students who are already off of the bus in the afternoon, it should be treated like any other private personal altercation or violent behavior. If police are needed, please call.  
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