Batavia High School

Dedicated to Excellence

1 Bulldog Place
Batavia, OH 45103
P: 513- 732-2341
F: 513- 732-9740

Hours: 7:30 - 2:15

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School Profile

BHS School Profile 18-19

2018-19 School Profile 

Batavia High School

School CEEB Code 360-335

One Bulldog Place

Batavia, OH  45103

(513)  732-2341

Fax (513) 732-9740

2018-2019 Building Goals:

High School Goal 1:

Increase student achievement through data analysis and flexible student support with a goal of scoring at or above 90 on the Performance Index Measure on the Local Report Card.

Action Step 1:

Hold monthly High Schools That Work sessions with a specific committee designated to work on academic achievement.

Action Step 2:

Advocate for high levels of achievement with a specific focus on gifted students, students with disabilities, and at risk students through professional development, building leadership team meetings, and the High Schools That Work process.

High School Goal 2:

Increase student academic and school engagement levels for all students.

Action Step 1:

A student advisory committee will be formed that will meet with the school administration at least quarterly.

Action Step 2:

A student safety committee will be formed that will meet with the school administration at least quarterly.

Action Step 3:

The learning commons will be promoted as a flexible learning space where students can collaborate and receive additional academic support.

The School

Grades                                     9-12 housed in the building which opened in September, 1997

Enrollment                              625 (9-12)

Median Class Size                   25

Student Attendance                92.4% [Three year average]

School Year                            36 weeks, 4 grading periods

Accreditation                          North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges

                                                Ohio Department of Education


The Staff

Superintendent                       Mr. Keith Millard

Principal                                 Tim Derickson

Assistant Principal                  Darren Stevens

Counselors                              Felicia Grooms Last Names A-L

                                                Beth Poling Last Names M-Z


The Community

Located 20 miles east of Cincinnati, Batavia is a village of about 1,700 people and is the county seat of Clermont County.  The school district encompasses the village and surrounding areas serving a total population of approximately 14,300. Approximately 45% of our students attend 4yr Colleges and about 30% attend 2yr Colleges.


Graduation Requirements _                                      Grading Scale

22 credits required for graduation                                  A = 90-100%

English                        4 credits                                      B = 80-89%

Math                            4 credits                                      C = 70-79%                             

Science                        3 credits                                      D = 60-69%    

Social Studies             3 credits                                       F = Below 60%

Health/P.E.                  1 credit

Fine Arts                     1 credit

Electives                      6+ credits       


Grade Point Average and Class Rank

Rank in class is based upon weighted cumulative grade point average and is determined at the conclusion of each year. All courses are included in the GPA. All members of the class are included in the ranking. The computer-generated transcript reflects the GPA, rank, and courses using a 4.0 scale, as well as the weighted rank and weighted GPA. For purposes of top ten in the class, valedictorian, and salutatorian, the weighted course GPA and ranking are used. The grade point scale per course rigor level is as follows: Advanced Placement and Honors – A=4.5, B=3.5, C=2.5, D=1, F=0; General / College Prep – A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0.  


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