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Transportation is provided for all grades from all areas within the district - except for Middle School students living in the village.  


If you have moved to a new location in the district, you must update your Emergency form in Parent Portal, and supply a proof of residence (utility bill, lease agreement, etc) with the new address to Central Enrollment. 

If you need your child to be continually picked up / dropped off at a daycare location instead of your home address, you will need to fill out a Variance Form. Variances must be one location for all five days, and are not valid until approved and confirmed. Click here to submit a variance.


Students are assigned a designated place of safety to wait for the bus. They are to be at their stop 5 minutes before their scheduled time, and in the afternoon they are to wait in that spot until the bus drives away. This is a state law. Click here for everything you need to know about the bus stop. 



Bus passes are granted for EMERGENCIES ONLY. They must be approved by the Transportation Department. 



All Live Oaks students are picked up on the high school route buses where they transfer to a shuttle bus (#59) that takes them to Live Oaks. In the afternoon, a bus takes them from Live Oaks to the Middle School where they can transfer to their neighborhood bus on the middle school route. On days that Batavia Schools are not in session but the Oaks are in session, we will only be running the shuttle bus from the high school (we will not pick you up at home). The shuttle departs at 7:15 AM. At the end of that day, any students riding the bus home from Live Oaks will be taken all the way to their home neghborhoods on that bus. 

Please remember that Ohio law requires that parents are responsible for their children until they enter the bus. Due to the large number of students that ride Batavia buses, we are unable to make bus stop changes to relieve parents of that responsibility. This means, unfortunately we cannot change bus stops simply to allow the parent to monitor the stop from inside their home.

The state sets minimum requirements for school transportation. Our hope is to always to provide better and more convenient service than the state minimum. We must balance that with the need to be efficient and safe for all students, and so we appreciate and value the partnership with our parents.
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