District Overview


Batavia Local Schools: Dedicated to Excellence

MISSION STATEMENT: To inspire, educate, and prepare our students to achieve excellence and to become productive citizens in a global society.

2018-2019 District and Building Goals

The Batavia Local School District is a progressive learning community that strives to meet the needs of all learners and prepare them for success in a rapidly changing world.  There have been a number of significant changes in the District in the past several years which have enhanced the daily experience for students, staff, parents, and community members, including:

  • The opening of a new Pre-K to 5 elementary school which serves over 1200 students. 

  • A significant investment in the Bulldog Place campus, including new tennis courts, a renovated baseball and softball viewing and access area, new scoreboards, parking lot improvements, and an upgrade to the wireless internet at the high school.

  • The passage of a new Bond Issue in November of 2018 that will complete the athletic facility renovations at Bulldog Place and will fund the construction of a new high school and middle school at Bulldog Place, along with the re-purposing of the existing high school into a multi-use community space that will include the Board of Education offices.

  • The move to a 1 to 1 computing enviroment at Batavia High School, where every student has access to a chromebook throughout the day.

  • A doubling of chromebooks at Batavia Middle School, which is now at a 1 to 1.5 student to device ratio.

  • The adoption of a new K-12 math series to address academic achievement in this critical area of learning.

  • The expansion of clubs and activities available to students, including new robotics clubs at both the middle and high school.

In addition, the District continues to make academic gains as the State of Ohio continues the transition towards more rigorous standards for learning and assessments to measure academic achievement.

In the 2016-2017 school year, Batavia High School students participated in the ACT in record numbers, and their scores were the highest they have been in the past five school years.  On the State accountability tests, our students showed significant growth in many of the testing areas when compared to the 2015-2016 school year, with double digit growth in proficiency rates not uncommon.  In addition, our students outperform the State average in most tested subjects by a significant margin.  This growth is a direct result of a dedicated teaching staff that is invested in using student data in order to customize the types of learning experiences that will provide the most meaningful benefit to each student.

Batavia High School graduates also continue to make their mark on the world once they leave the high school and are putting their education to use by earning degrees in areas such as Nursing, Electrical Engineering, Applied Sciences, Business Administration, Athletic Training, and Public Health.  Many Batavia graduates continue to live and work in the Greater Cincinnati area, where they are investing their talents and energies into a region that is currently thriving.

While the State of Ohio Local Report Card is a tool that the District uses internally to guide our continuous improvement efforts, it does not provide a complete picture of the quality educational, social, and emotional experiences that students have each and every day in our buildings.  As a District we are committed towards creating a culture of growth for students and staff, and we take pride in the level of care and dedication that is provided to students on a daily basis.

As the Superintendent of the District, I spend a considerable amount of time each day in our buildings, and I could not be prouder of the work we are doing and the focus that is placed on student success.

It's never been a better time to be a Bulldog, and I thank you for the support you provide which makes the Batavia Local School District a great place to be a learner in.

Keith Millard
January 2019